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Quest For Beauty

Our need to fit into a society, to be loved and accepted, creates an abyss between who we are and who we become. Cris Saur, was bullied in school for being taller and skinnier than the rest of the girls. Later she became a model for the exact same features she was bullied for.

The pressure for the perfect look left her with very low self-esteem, and she only realized how damaged her self-esteem was after being physically abused by a former partner. Her distorted ideas of her role as a woman in our society, topped with her low self-esteem were the main reasons why she stayed so long in the abusive relationship. The abuse followed by depression and panic attacks were the catalyst of her quest for beauty and inspired her to create this film.

Quest For Beauty sets out to bring awareness to the dangers of domestic violence by confronting issues of emotional and physical abuse head on. By sharing her journey of evolving, Quest For Beauty highlights the life changing realizations which have given self-love a new meaning for her. Cris hopes this documentary film will empower young people to have more compassion for the power of their unique inner beauty and help those who have been abused know they are not alone.

Visit the website to learn more https://www.questforbeauty-movie.com/

1:00:29 | 2020

About the movie

Feature Documentary

Directed by: Cris Saur

Produced by: Anna Kolber, Alexandra Rios, Cris Saur

Studio: Anis Films



Official Selection: Reel East Texas Festival

Official Selection: Ferrara Festival

Official Selection: Garifuna Festival

Award-Winner: Best Social Issue Film @ Queen Palm Festival


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“(Inner) Beauty Will Save The World”

About Cris Saur

When I worked as a model, I used to think a lot about the nature of beauty. The question, “What does it mean to be beautiful?” was always in my head. I wondered if beauty has to mean being young, skinny, and super-tall. Or having shiny hair and flawless skin. Is that it?

When I turned 30, I started freaking out. I was being told to lie about my age, that otherwise I’d never be cast for any jobs. I felt like a dairy product past my expiration date. Not even in my teen years I went through so much pressure and have my self-esteem pushed so low.

A couple of years went by, and one day my (ex) fiancé called me “old.” All those monsters came out of the closet and stood right in front of me, waiting for me to respond. That was the beginning of my quest, and I didn’t even know it.

Two days after breaking up with my ex-fiancé, I was back in Los Angeles, where I was invited to a special screening for the twentieth anniversary of Forest Gump. I will never forget the scene in which he writes a letter to Jane from the Vietnam War, saying how beautiful the place was and how wonderful the rain felt. Right then I thought to myself, “I need to make a film about this.

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