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True Luxury

Creating Your Happiness

The meaning of life is to be happy, and the pursuit of meaning is happiness. We as individuals do not create such meaning, rather it is discovered as we fearlessly process and realize through experience. Anthropologist and researcher David Verdesi has dedicated his work to understanding the meaning of life on a micro-level and sharing his discoveries with the modern world. True Luxury is David Verdesi’s seminar series, sharing new and old traditions around mental health and happiness for individuals and communities. His discoveries share and demonstrate real-life circumstances and practices which can positively impact our energies, develop mindful awareness, and inspire the world to unlock pure happiness for the long-term. True Luxury is not material; the power of finding and creating one’s happiness is the real luxury of life, and should be priority for the world.

Practice with David Verdesi

Learn how to recognize your energy field and tap into it as an energy resource. Collect and accumulate energy in the form of photons and electrons from space and earth as well as generate energy from within the body. Practice with David and understand how to circulate a variety of energies with different purposes. From health, vitality to activation of the mind's higher functions and abilities.

During the webinar, David introduces a powerful and impactful topic for the theory psychoanalytics and new ways of generating energy and expanded states of mental awareness. Including the following segments:

  • Sovereignty: the key to mental and spiritual power.
  • Sovereignty: What is, why it matters, how to establish it, and how to reclaim it.
  • Sovereignty: the base of a resilient and healthy psychology and emotional well-being.
  • Sovereignty: the core force of strong healthy relationships.

Within the establishment of sovereignty comes the understanding of total responsibility and the proper setting of boundaries: what they are how to use them why they are important.

The second segment of the seminar is practical and experimental and includes:

  • Activate important keys to activate energy, generate energy, increase energy, circulate energy, and store your energy.
  • Learn to move your perception point, also referred to as an assemblage point and stabilize this focus.
  • Understanding how to project your will and intention and basically develop a laser-focused mind.
  • Master the use of your energy for personal healing.
  • Train to pertain yourself in deeper states of meditation.
  • Open up an expanded awareness.
  • Generate in natural ways a variety of altered states of consciousness.
  • Integrate higher functioning and intelligence networks of the brain.
  • Integration of consciousness by uniting the subconscious, unconscious and superconscious conscious.

The date of the next True Luxury webinar with David Verdesi is to be determined.

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About David Verdesi

David Verdesi has dedicated his life to the actualization of the individuation process through applied mind training, comparing wisdom traditions and methods of askesis and its archetype through the hero’s journey, the phenomenology of human potential and altered states of consciousness.

As a wandering anthropologist, he travelled all over the world for 30 years, researching and comparing his own experiences with those of 120 mystics, yogis, cave-dwellers, saints and genuine enlightened beings, Siddhas from the mountains and jungles of India and Xian immortals from China and Southeast Asia, the Shamans of Central and South America and Africa, the Mystics of old Europe and the mysterious saints of the northern Steppes of Russia, Tibet and Mongolia.

He has culminated years of personal askesis and practice into the realization of an algorithm that can be applied to navigate, explore and integrate the human psyche into wholeness, the development of human potential and the maximization of happiness.

These experiences formed an instrumental part of an ongoing work of enrichment and comparison, contributing valuably to the successive phases of the development of his teachings.

Visit his website https://davidverdesi.com/

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