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Common Ground Community Helps Homeless

Rosanne Haggerty

Rosanne Haggerty is a Peter Drucker Awardee and the Founder of Common Ground Community which develops strategies to end homelessness in New York City. She shares her initiatives to end homelessness and solve complex housing problems.

26:32 | 2012

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About Rosanne Haggerty

Rosanne Haggerty is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Community Solutions. She is an internationally recognized leader in developing innovative strategies to end homelessness and strengthen communities. Community Solutions assists communities throughout the US and internationally in solving housing problems facing their most vulnerable residents. Their large-scale change initiatives include the 100,000 Homes and Built for Zero Campaigns to end chronic and veteran homelessness, and neighborhood partnerships that bring together residents and institutions to change the conditions that produce homelessness. Earlier, she founded Common Ground Community, a pioneer in the design and development of supportive housing and research-based practices that end homelessness.

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