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Love The Sea inspires action towards the recovery and mitigation of ocean plastic around the entire world. The organization partners to monitor and clean every oceanfront mile within the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the organization to support.

Chasing Bliss


True bliss in constant movement giving life around the globe

Water is life, and the great conductor that connects us all. The oceans cover over 70% of our planet and hold almost 97% of the earth's water. True bliss in constant movement giving life around the globe. This is a story of an eclectic mix of people across Hawaii, Ecuador and the USA, who draw energy from this life force and channel it positively into their everyday lives. Join Paulino in understanding what drives Surfer Laid Hamilton, or filmmaker Robert Greaves, Big-Wave World Champion Paige Alms and Windsurfing World Record Holder Sarah Hauser. Coffee Farmer Anti Clancy, Dr Greg Mitchell, Research Scientist & Algae Visionary at Scripps.

1:01:12 | 2020

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About this special

Hosted by: Paulino Duran

Location: Hawaii, California, Ecuador

Original Music by Joe Marson


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About Love The Sea

​Love The Sea is a non-profit organization co-founded in 2015 by Big Daddy Carlos and our CEO Campbell Farrell, a passionate waterman who decided to make a change for the well being of our ocean and its inhabitants. Campbell had joined forces with Carlos Adley and Ava Berman to co-create and produce Ocean Aid 2017 for Love The Sea, a music and art festival in Hawaii to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean. Ocean Aid spot lighted action from community leaders and non profit organizations who have worked hard to protect Hawaii’s coastal habitats from plastic.

Love The Sea's Founder, Campbell Farrell is featured in this film to share his story. Watch for free as a thank you for your donation.

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