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Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo’s name is recognizable to most people for his illustrious acting career in movies and films. Ruffalo’s life is dedicated to more than just acting; however, he is what he likes to call an, “accidental environmentalist” and someone who stumbled upon his fascination for the natural world. When Mark moved his young family to upstate New York he noticed the detrimental environmental issues industrialization and hydraulic fracking posed on the idyllic landscapes there. When he received threats from companies to impose fracking on his land, he quickly used his platform to fight back and invoke change.

We are at a moment now where we must make a consider our choices for a better and healthier Earth. For Mark, it’s a simple choice; but one person alone does not solve the issue. It is a choice we all must make. Is the future of our planet worth the effort it takes to protect it? You can decide for yourself.

29:20 | 2014

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Mark Ruffalo is an environmental activist and actor best known for his portrayal of Bruce Banner/the Hulk in the movie 'The Avengers' and its sequels. He has also received Oscar recognition for the films 'The Kids Are All Right,' 'Foxcatcher' and 'Spotlight.'

Mark Ruffalo began his acting career in the 1990s. His performance was being noticed; therefore, he was granted major parts in world renowned films. In the middle of his propelling acting career, in 2002 Ruffalo was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A surgery he had to remove the tumor, unfortunately, caused a period of partial facial paralysis. He managed to fully recover though and paved his way back into film business.

Ruffalo has also founded the Solutions Project, which pushes for 100 percent renewable energy, and is active with Water Defense, a group dedicated to clean water initiatives.

Visit his website https://thesolutionsproject.org/category/mark-ruffalo/

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