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Sonima Wellness Sparks Global Change

Sonia Tudor Jones

As co-founder of Sonima Wellness and the Sonima Foundation, Sonia Tudor Jones is passionate about achieving meaningful change in global communities through best practices in health & wellness.

28:23 | 2014

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About Sonia Tudor Jones

Sonia Jones is a wellness advocate and impact philanthropist, passionate for achieving meaningful change in global communities by sharing best practices in health and wellness. The Sonima Foundation has contributed to the development and implementation of health and wellness curriculum in underserved communities and charter schools.

Sonia is the mother of four children and a dedicated Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. She has seen the positive effects of eating right, moving the body with intention and regularity, and finding stillness in the hustle of life’s daily craze. She aspires to help others find the practices that will enable them make manifest their best selves in everything that they do, and with everyone that they love.

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