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The Science and Study of Behavior

Cori Bargmann

Elected to the National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Cori Bargmann’s overwhelming curiosity has made her one of the top scientists in the neurological field known for her work on the genetic and neural circuit mechanisms of behavior. This show is a discussion how the biology of the brain, from a honeybee brain to a human brain, genetics, environment, and experience, interact to give rise to flexible behaviors. A fascinating conversation shedding scientific light on the connectivity of our universe.

41:06 | 2014

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About Cori Bargmann

Cori Bargmann is a professor of genetics and genomics, neurosciences and behavior at Rockefeller University. Bargmann’s work focuses on the line between life and nonlife, and what makes it possible for something to sense its surroundings, think and respond. Cori Bargmann received her B.S. in biochemistry from the University of Georgia and her Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Bargmann began her studies on C. elegans during her post-doc with Bob Horvitz, also at MIT. She joined the University of California, San Francisco as an assistant professor in 1991, and moved to the Rockefeller University in 2004. Bargmann’s lab uses a relatively simple organism, the nematode C. elegans, and its extremely sensitive sense of smell to study how genes regulate neuronal development, function, and behavior. Her work has been recognized with numerous awards including election to the National Academy of Sciences.

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