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Nancy Mahon

Make-up and HIV/AIDS prevention are not two things that are often linked, or even discussed at the same time. But the MAC AIDS Fund is doing just that and as their Global Director, Nancy Mahon is leading the charge to help eradicate one of the most deadly diseases on the planet.

I often say my mother was a social worker and my dad was a lawyer so I think I’m a hybrid of both, Nancy Mahon explained to Deepak Chopra in this episode. As Senior Vice President, Global Philanthropy and Corporate Citizenship, for The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., it seems that she has been quite successful at mixing the two professions. From very early on in her career, Nancy began helping people living with AIDS to education themselves. When she finished law school, she took a job working with prisoners living with AIDS. This was very early in the epidemic, so essentially I worked with prisoners to get them HIV medication, to do HIV testing and ensure that they knew their status

Today, the MAC AIDS Fund is the leading corporate funder of HIV/AIDS work globally. MAC gives 100% percent of the profits made on their VIVA Glam cosmetics line directly to the AIDS Fund. This year, just to give you an idea, we’re giving away $48 million dollars which was raised $16 at a time, Nancy tells us. It’s an amazing feat; one that reminds us that even the smallest donations add up. It’s a powerful example of how much ever person matters in ensuring the health of the human race.

HIV is a huge issue to tackle but Nancy believes there is hope. In the last two years the treatments have gotten better than in the entire twenty eight years prior, she explained to Deepak. So we basically now can end HIV. That is huge progress; perhaps even a light at the end of a long dark tunnel. With leaders like Nancy who are dedicated to continuing their work in this area, we have no doubt that we will see more major breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in the near future.

32:27 | 2014

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