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Artists for Ukraine

Artists for Ukraine: An Act of Resistance

Ukrainian artists around the world are finding ways to support their country. Ukrainian born dancer Alina Sokulska reacted to the current crisis in a conversation with the Foreign Press Association.

Sokulska says the Revolution of Dignity or Maidan Revolution in 2014 was key to forging the strong national identity, the foundation of resistance to the Russian invasion. It helped us realize who we are, “not through the eyes of the colonizer, of a dominant culture, a dominant neighbor."

She adds, the young generation is moving toward speaking Ukrainian instead of Russian as an expression of strength and resilience against a colonizer who time and again has disrupted their peace and lays claim to their land.

Sokulska described for the FPA how her people are resisting on every level and on all fronts, and she affirmed that Ukrainians would never give up: from soldiers to artists, everyone is playing their role and finding ways to help their country.

One of her artist friends in Kyiv is using his platform ‘Am I Jazz?’ to raise funds and support Ukrainian musicians in this time of crisis. They are volunteering in all big cities and are at the forefront of the crisis and try their best to raise public morale.

The dancer affirms that Ukrainians are more united than ever and repeated a famous Ukrainian meme that says, ‘when you ask me how’s my family, my family now is 47 million’.

Living in Barcelona as part of Ukraine’s diaspora, Sokulska confesses to ‘survivor’s guilt’ which helped motivate her to start a fundraiser named ‘Artists for Ukraine’ that focuses on the provision of first aid medications. She also uses her dance classes to raise funds because that way she is also returning something to the donors.

Sokulska notes that Ukraine’s TV channels pledged to tell the truth and believes that war has brought the people and their government closer. They trust the official channels of information.

She urges the world community to follow Ukrainians they trust on social media to really understand the reality on the ground and find ways to support the people of Ukraine.

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