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Barbara Savage

Barbara Savage has dedicated her time, energy, expertise, and resources to further the mission of the Tribal Trust Foundation to share indigenous wisdom. She has personally witnessed the struggle for survival of indigenous peoples throughout the world and identified the sustainable cultural preservation projects supported by the foundation. An author, activist, educator, and thought leader, Barbara produced two award winning documentary films that required her to risk her life in politically hostile environments to support the threatened indigenous people who need her help.

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About Barbara Savage

As the founder of the Tribal Trust Foundation, Barbara has personally witnessed the struggle for survival of indigenous peoples throughout the world. She travels to remote and dangerous regions of the world at the request of indigenous peoples to identify sustainable grassroots cultural preservation projects which can be supported by the Tribal Trust Foundation. Through this work, Barbara has cultivated relationships with indigenous peoples in hope of sharing their wisdom in support of nature and global healing.

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About Tribal Trust Foundation

Since 1996, the Tribal Trust Foundation (TTF) has been identifying sustainable grass roots projects which will help preserve the living arts and traditional wisdom of indigenous people. Tribal Trust partners with local organizations whose experience and existing relationships can sustain these joint initiatives over the long-term. The Tribal Trust global initiative has supported many wonderful and distinct cultures, including campaigning for the survival of the San Bushman, assisting cultural preservation of the Monpas in Bhutan and other projects in East Timor, Spain, Australia, Southern Africa. Assistance is also given to the Navajo, Chumash, the Standing Rock Sioux Water Protectors, and other Water/Earth/Life advocates.

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Savage: A Memoir

Savage is the transformational memoir of a woman who, after a devastating divorce chose to accept her destiny and become a philanthropist. Part Indiana Jones, part The Celestine Prophecy, this riveting book recounts the great dangers Barbara Savage’s explorations often exposed her to as she literally follows—or obeys—her dreams and spiritual callings to transform herself and bring change to the world. Barbara Savage intimately shares her fascinating path over the course of twenty-five years. Her book will inspire readers to reflect on their own lives and the choices they can make to achieve happiness, peace, and purpose. Sacred knowledge from ancient indigenous wisdom keepers enriches the deeply personal stories shared by the author.

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