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Next Steps

The CORE Story

CORE has been an ongoing disruptor to the world of modern media since 2007. Home to 1000+ original titles, CORE features society's most eclectic leaders, thinkers, movers, and shakers. Thought-provoking conversations, worldly expeditions, real-life narratives, exploration of new innovations, lectures, and dynamic practices. CORE is dedicated to feature the stories of the leaders who reshape the way we think and live.

As part of that ongoing mission, CORE believes that universal access to information is a cornerstone of healthy societies. During a time when entertainment and editorial news stories are more relevant than ever, CORE offers free unlimited access to the viewers that tune in from every country and territory worldwide. CORE hopes to facilitate a shift in the focus of today's media consumption toward stories that unite us and drive the global morale for a better world.

Decade Ahead

Gazing into the macro trends of human to technology interfaces, we see a rapid dematerialization of the necessary hardware with our device merely as our digital identity and a sensory access point. This trend is already intersecting with the rise in synthetic biology and thereby deeper authorship of our embodiment and the materials with which we innovate our devices and adornments. The results of these intersecting trends is a world where we wear our digital access devices most subtly within our fashion and expression. Web3 enabled sovereignty and trust are key layers to scaffolding this near future.

We see a world where beautiful wearable devices open the world of CORE overlaid through the physical world. Augmented and mixed realities enrich our awareness of our real world experiences with information, content, mixed streaming, and ever deeper shared sensory and emotional experiences.

Streaming Consciousness

Imagine a world where we stand, hands free, heart opened, aligned and our direct human connection enhanced through the digital overlays of our designs. Reality is enriched with woven awareness of subtle information. We can see beyond the eyes’ limitations, we are assisted in sensing the somatic experiences of others, we are aware of the resonance between groups because our devices and interfaces are optimized to illustrate these states to our display.

This is the future CORE is seeding and cultivating for our next generations. CORE’s focus is a key step in distributing awareness of the planet through media, experiences, and community. The near future where we ‘upgrade’ the human collective from 3D to 5D, aligning in a syntrophic trajectory of ecliptic evolution for culture, consciousness, and the collective. A way of life where intuition becomes our primary guidance system.

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