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Next Steps

The CORE Story

CORE has been an ongoing disruptor to the world of modern media since 2007. Home to 1000+ original titles, CORE features society's most eclectic leaders, thinkers, movers, and shakers. Thought-provoking conversations, worldly expeditions, real-life narratives, exploration of new innovations, lectures, and dynamic practices. CORE is dedicated to feature the stories of the leaders who reshape the way we think and live.

As part of that ongoing mission, CORE believes that universal access to information is a cornerstone of healthy societies. During a time when entertainment and editorial news stories are more relevant than ever, CORE offers free unlimited access to the viewers that tune in from every country and territory worldwide. CORE hopes to facilitate a shift in the focus of today's media consumption toward stories that unite us and drive the global morale for a better world.

Mission Critical

As part of our mission for the future, CORE is now building out a decentralized autonomous community at the center of the platform, allowing viewers to obtain personal agency in content which stimulates individual growth and promotes elevated thought. A societal shift from material awareness to an emergence of vertical enlightened thinking. CORE aims to be at the forefront of this movement through a learn-to-earn environment, value creation through study.

What if every CORE viewer was in some way a part of the capitalization table of the company itself? What if we transact with our equity in the company as our liquid currency? This is the world of Web3, the water of our near future economy. Merging the valuation of assets and the tools of centralized currencies into one instrument: the token.

The future of Web3 is an accelerant to bureaucratic process, the successful implementation of which brings about a level of participation critical to evolving the consciousness of our global culture and integrating the genius of our generation.

This is enabled through the sorting of minds into aligned groups through accessible autonomous organizations. Participation in these DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) are a contribution to an entire micro economy with measures of value and protocols for transactions authored by the community. All users own their digital existence, and navigate between DAOs, accumulating tokens and digital goods in various digital environments, while always preserving sovereignty.

A key inefficiency in legacy economic and organization designs is misaligned incentives and unclear values. Oftentimes, shareholders over leverage stakeholders and thereby talent withholds contribution. The DAO framework aligns these incentives toward full participation of all stakeholders along transparent value sets and social proof. In other words, the DAO facilitates trust at all orders of magnitude by scaling an immutable record of behaviors and reputation. This enables participants to trust that the fruits of their labor will be shared by all and consolidation resistance over time. Thus, we are witnessing the emergence of exponential innovation and the inbound sourcing of new forms of talent in new industries. The frontier is accelerating, and we are all members who must exercise our roles in the movement.

We believe the ascension of human consciousness is operating in us all, therefore our thesis on inclusion aligns with the emergent work in the field of decentralization, equity, and inclusion. Here we leverage technologies of decentralization to mitigate barriers to access and inspire participation from multiple layers of society on CORE.

We see a shift to censor resistant, transparent sources of knowledge in all forms of media and content. Therefore, CORE is integrating Web3 technologies at all levels. Starting with rewarding behaviors and earning deeper access to governance, and soon involving partial ownership of content and access to partner organization content. We are selecting our community partners carefully and are building bridges between aligned DAOs and content platforms.

CORE viewers will be given access to participate in writing the CORE narrative and experience the ownership.

Community Engagement Roadmap

To realize the vision and functionality of CORE as the content distribution platform for our community, we align with the technologies of decentralized media, updating our existing platform with Web3.

Web3 allows viewers to login via a personal wallet, enabling access and participation within gated layers of the platform, and thereby carry with them their digital goods and identity. This will enable a transparent and immutable ledger of users’ status within CORE and our partner communities.

We will build a NEAR blockchain as our Layer 1, to align with the environmentally conscious impact of these systems and their strategy to onboard the global majority of digital citizens through intentionally enrolling wallets throughout the developing world. Furthermore, the chain enables human readable wallet addresses, such that new users have a more accessible experience entering the world of web3 transactions.

As we continue to develop the user journeys from the initial setup, we recruit and bounty additional feature developments through the CORE DAOs and partner communities. Including the ‘learn to earn” feature where we gate access to advanced content similar to university prerequisite coursework before enrolling in higher level courses. This will level-set participation and align the governance processes around these domains for future content development. What is possible will resemble a decentralized university where students, teachers, and course creators all collaborate and specialize in real time to direct the discovery and distribution of new knowledge.

Your wallet, your reputation, your assets, your resonance. When a user logs on to our platform, we allow the freedom to be as active or minimally engaged as they choose.

CORE Crowdsourcing

CORE’s current user archetypes range from the humble hustler - those who generate organic buzz on the platform - to the hyper-networked doer - viewers with capital, vision, and access to create ways of realizing the value of patronage & usership. Both user types respond well to being able to give input or have a voice, and chipping-in on the CORE culture and impact investment.

Engaging with the variety of users in the most impactful way will mean the creation of two different tokens, relating to value and type of investment: Platform Tokens and Ascension Tokens.

Ascension tokens are a way to measure someone’s time and emotional investment in CORE. The generation of insightful comments and conversation starters gives this viewer clout on the platform with an option to trade ascension tokens in for platform tokens - a way of rewarding those with highest levels of time commitment.

Platform tokens will be the CORE impact investment currency, a measure of monetary stake - either as relating to certain projects or to CORE. This token can be traded and could be invested back into the platform, creating equity that eventually also correlates to the actual value of CORE with its impact investors having the opportunity to become CORE ambassadors.

Decade Ahead

Gazing into the macro trends of human to technology interfaces, we see a rapid dematerialization of the necessary hardware with our device merely as our digital identity and a sensory access point. This trend is already intersecting with the rise in synthetic biology and thereby deeper authorship of our embodiment and the materials with which we innovate our devices and adornments. The results of these intersecting trends is a world where we wear our digital access devices most subtly within our fashion and expression. Web3 enabled sovereignty and trust are key layers to scaffolding this near future.

We see a world where beautiful wearable devices open the world of CORE overlaid through the physical world. Augmented and mixed realities enrich our awareness of our real world experiences with information, content, mixed streaming, and ever deeper shared sensory and emotional experiences.

Much of the hardware necessary to process these experiences can be off device, as enabled by immutable identity technology of the blockchain. The simultaneous incentives to bring resource efficiencies to computing will develop optimized computing architectures for the broadest layer 1 chain protocols. Thereby, the carbon footprint of solving trust in this way will decrease through the forcing function of necessity and market demand.

Streaming Consciousness

Imagine a world where we stand, hands free, heart opened, aligned and our direct human connection enhanced through the digital overlays of our designs. Reality is enriched with woven awareness of subtle information. We can see beyond the eyes’ limitations, we are assisted in sensing the somatic experiences of others, we are aware of the resonance between groups because our devices and interfaces are optimized to illustrate these states to our display.

This is the future CORE is seeding and cultivating for our next generations. CORE’s focus is a key step in distributing awareness of the planet through media, experiences, and community. The near future where we ‘upgrade’ the human collective from 3D to 5D, aligning in a syntrophic trajectory of ecliptic evolution for culture, consciousness, and the collective. A way of life where intuition becomes our primary guidance system.

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