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The Knobe Effect

Joshua Knobe

We have experiences, creativity, understanding, thoughts, feelings and desires but do we know how these occurrences happen? Joshua Knobe’s research has been concerned with the impact of people's moral judgments on their intuitions about this question. He believes strongly that people's intuitions about whether a particular entity is conscious, essentially depends on whether the entity has the right sort of body. Therefore, he believes embodiment shapes our view of what is reality.

31:14 | 2020

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About Joshua Knobe

Joshua Knobe is a professor at Yale University in both the Program in Cognitive Science and the Department of Philosophy. He is one of the founders of the "experimental philosophy" movement, or "x-phi" for short, which seeks to use experimental methods to address the traditional problems of philosophy. He is most widely known for what has come to be called "the Knobe effect" or the "Side-Effect Effect."

Accordingly, his publications have appeared both in leading psychology journals (Psychological Science, Cognition, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology) and in leading philosophy journals (Journal of Philosophy, Nous, Analysis). His work has been discussed in popular media venues including The New York Times, the BBC and Slate. He is coeditor, with Shaun Nichols, of Experimental Philosophy.

Visit his website http://campuspress.yale.edu/joshuaknobe/

Tags: Experimental Philosophy, Yale University Department of Psychology,

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