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Philosopher of the Mind

Dr. Paavo Pylkkänen

Dr. Paavo Pylkkänen’s eclectic approach combines new physics-based insights with those of analytical philosophy, phenomenology, cognitive science and neuroscience. He proposes a view in which the mechanistic framework of classical physics and neuroscience is complemented by a more holistic approach. Pylkkänen is particularly known for his work on mind-body-studies, building on David Bohm's interpretation of quantum mechanics.

38:22 | 2020

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About Dr. Paavo Pylkkänen

Paavo Pylkkänen is a Finnish philosopher of mind. He is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Skövde and a university lecturer in theoretical philosophy at the University of Helsinki. He is known for his work on mind-body studies, building on David Bohm's interpretation of quantum mechanics, in particular Bohm's view of the cosmos as an enfolding and unfolding whole.

Tags: Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order,

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