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Being Uniquely You


The young Senegalese musician and fashion designer, Marieme has opened for Akon, designs her own costumes, and wholeheartedly believes in being uniquely oneself. Moving as a little girl from Senegal to New York City, she talks with Frederique about music, fashion, self-empowerment and what it means to be a woman in the entertainment industry. Watch the candid conversations unfold as she prepares for her next showcase at the legendary Alphabet city’s, Nublu 151.

19:06 | 2021

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About Marieme Diop

Marieme is a singer-songwriter with a multi-octave voice whose music has R&B, pop and jazz influences. Her musical themes reflect her youth affected by war and her subsequent world travels. She has released one EP, one acoustic visual EP, and her songs have been used in several television shows and film works. Marieme is signed to Caroline Records. Aside from her musical career, Marieme is a fashion designer, creating her own masterful costumes with influences stemming from her native culture. (source: Marieme Music)

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