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A Career in Cuisine

Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Deepak discuss the importance of ingredients in cooking, and Jean-Georges goes so far as to state that 70% of all good cooking comes down to the ingredients. His food is known for its rejection of traditional meat stocks and creams, and his takes on using vegetable juices, fruit essences, light broths, and herbal vinaigrettes. Jean-Georges also tells Deepak that whenever he wants to understand a city, he goes to the marketplaces to analyze the food culture and its people on a traditional, authentic level.

Food and family values and vibrant living are all intrinsically linked in the life and works of Jean-Georges Vongerichten. This episode takes a glimpse into the attentive devotion of a legendary chef who brings life and heart to his every approach to fine cuisine.

30:33 | 2014

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About Jean-Georges

According to New York magazine, there is no chef who has exerted more influence on New York City restaurants than Jean-Georges Vongerichten. He first arrived in Manhattan’s Chinatown in 1986, and before that he opened ten restaurants around the world from 1980 to 1985. Jean-Georges was born and raised in Alsace, France, and it was there that he spent much of his youth helping his mother and grandmother in the kitchen. It was only when his parents brought him to a restaurant for his sixteenth birthday that he realized he could make a life out of food.

Today, Jean-Georges has over twenty-five different restaurants around the world and he is the author of five cookbooks. ABC Kitchen was voted best new restaurant in the United States by James Beard when it opened. He serves on the Food Council for City Harvest, New York’s largest food rescue operation working to help feed hungry communities. Jean-Georges also runs his own foundation, known as Food Dreams. Food Dreams offers scholarships, training, and job placement opportunities to students dreaming of becoming chefs and is dedicated to bridging the gap between students and the culinary community.

Visit his website https://www.jean-georges.com

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