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Don’t Cook The Planet

Emily Abrams

Choosing meals prepared with fresh, natural ingredients isn’t just healthy, it’s good for the earth. Don’t Cook the Planet, author Emily Abrams believes climate change is her generation’s defining issue. She explains how physical well-being of all things begins with what is nourishing it, and small simple changes can start at the dinner table. Emily gathered an all-star collection of chefs and eco-activists share more than 70 delicious recipes as well as tips on how to minimize your carbon footprint. Each contributor—including Stephanie Izard, Top Chef star and executive chef at Girl & the Goat; Chevy Chase; MasterChef judge and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot; actor Joshua Henderson; and many others—provides easy, everyday ideas that will save you money and stock your kitchen with fresh, delicious foods while preserving the planet for generations to come.

20:07 | 2014

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About Emily Abrams

Emily Abrams published Don’t Cook the Planet, at only 18 years old. Her activism has made a profound impact, approaching sustainability from a personal perspective, striving to make changes that will impact her generation, and in so doing, has created a cookbook that explains how positive food choices significantly impact one’s environment as well as one’s health.

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