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Erica Ford

Through her initiatives with LIFE Camp and the Love My LIFE tour, Erica Ford is notably one of the most diligent and effective activists of her generation on gun violence, even advising President Obama. Her mission is to inspire peaceful communities through unwavering faith and an undeniable strength that the world can be a better place with hard work and her commitment to giving back.

21:40 | 2013

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About Erica Ford

Erica Ford grew up in Jamaica, Queens in the 1980s, where crack usage and gun violence was an everyday occurrence. With a burning desire to help infect positive change in her community, Erica attended a rally for the December 12th Movement, an international human rights group. Joining the movement empowered Erica and solidified her life goal to become a change maker.

Throughout the years, Erica’s dedication to reducing violence among young New Yorkers has garnered countless awards, praise and recognition by notable public figures such as Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Reverend Al Sharpton and Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons. Her recognized leadership has brought extensive travel and speaking gigs in prisons, community centers, high schools, college campuses and conferences throughout the country and internationally. After over 30 years of dedicating herself to championing today’s youth, Erica Ford shows no signs of stopping.

Visit her website https://ileadwithlove.org/erica-ford-2017

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