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Frederique's Choice Floral Arrangements

Frederique Van Der Wal

Supermodel turned entrepreneur Frederique van der Wal, founded Frederique's Choice an e-commerce business selling flower bouquets and lifestyle across 10 countries in Europe. As part of this focus Deepak Chopra and Frederique share some intimate stories discussing the biological effects of being surrounded by flowers. It’s proven that flowers not only give a reaction but take away anxiety, worry and more importantly put you physically in the moment. The intelligence that creates flowers ultimately creates our lives. Flowers release oxygen, something we can’t live without, yet need carbon oxide which we release with every breath we take. In this One World show, Frederique and Deepak trivialize the significance of this object of nature.

25:11 | 2012

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About Frederique Van Der Wal

Frederique van der Wal, one of the most recognized faces in the modeling world, has taken her phenomenal global success in fashion and beauty, and translated it into a career that spans the worlds of fashion, film, television and business.

Frederique has appeared on the covers of beauty and fashion magazines worldwide, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan; in prestigious campaigns for Revion, Guess, ATT and Victoria’s Secret, and has been profiled in such varied magazines as Forbes and InStyle.

Frederique has also produced and hosted numerous television shows and segments – as The Mole in the Hawaii celebrity edition of ABC’s popular TV series, and as the host and producer of TLC’s Cover Shot in the US but also programs in Europe like The Face, where she was a featured judge in the first season of the modeling competition.

Additionally, Frederique hosted and produced a television series with the FYI Network (a subsidiary of A&E Networks), HomeGrown Makeover with Frederique and Carter in 2016, centered around home renovations using flowers and plants. The show is still being broadcast internationally.

She has also been recognized as a skilled entrepreneur, as a guest lecturer at Harvard University, and the recipient of the Marie Claire Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Frederique’s native Holland bestowed the great distinction of naming a lily in her honor. The Frederique’s Choice Lily was unveiled at a ceremony in Amsterdam, and inspired her to develop, produce and host a television docu called The Invisible Journey with the Discovery Channel. This led her to create a brand within the flower industry called Frederique’s Choice.

Her sense of humor and style have earned Frederique a large following of fans. Today she remains active dividing her time between her work, numerous charities, and mother to daughter Scyler.

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