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Chronic Conditions

Ken Kobayashi

To cure most chronic conditions in the Western world, modern day medicine traditionally suppresses the symptoms, overlooking the root cause. As a result, chronic conditions stay chronic. Deepak Chopra and Ken Kobayashi discuss how over 95% of our genes are influenced by lifestyle choices. By restoring your body to a state of homeostasis, diseases and chronic conditions can be cured.

23:23 | 2012

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About Ken Kobayashi

Dr. Ken Lucas Kobayashi Ph.D, Master Healing Minister, maintains a thriving practice in New York City. His healing knowledge derives, in part from his family heritage. The Kobayashi family have been well known healers in Japan for over four hundred and fifty years. Ken learned much of his therapeutic technique from “hands on” experience in his family’s clinic, and has since been healing people for over 60 years. Ken not only heals, but also teaches self-healing. He has distilled his many years of experience into the Kobayashi Technique made up of 7 elements.

Visit his website at www.kensheaven.com

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