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Music Is A Mirror

DJ Spooky

Composer, artist, and writer Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, speaks to Deepak Chopra about art’s relation to the cultural and ecological state of the planet. DJ Spooky dives into his life goals, his outlook on the evolution of music, and its relationship to well-being and ecology. Music is a mirror held up to society, and just as the music requires evolution and variance to keep its audience going, society also possesses an urgent need for innovation in order to thrive. These variations aren’t about the music (the thing itself), but about the listeners, the people, the planet, and the connection it brings to our lives.

26:34 | 2012

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About DJ Spooky

Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, is a composer, multimedia artist, and writer whose work immerses audiences in a blend of genres, global culture, and environmental and social issues. DJ Spooky has performed works in collaboration with artists ranging from Metallica to Laurie Anderson, from Chuck D to Yoko Ono. He is the writer of the acclaimed nonfiction book Rhythm Sounds, as well as The Book of Ice, an experiential visual and acoustic portrait of the Antarctic. He also edited the anthology Sound Unbound and is the editor of Origin Magazine. He was the first Artist-in-Residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has composed works for the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Seoul Institute of the Arts, and received the National Geographic Emerging Explorer Award in 2014.

Visit his website http://djspooky.com/

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