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Peace Through Music

Hafez Nazeri

Hafez Nazeri is a famous Iranian singer and composer who spreads peace through the power of music. He travelled to New York City at 18 years old to perform with his father, Shahram Nazeri, when his individual talent was discovered. Listen as Hafez Nazeri shares his story from his early life in Tehran to becoming one of the most well-known Iranian musicians in America, earning awards from The Irvine City Hall, United States Congress, and UCLA.

28:05 | 2014

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About Hafez Nazeri

Hafez Nazeri is an Iranian singer, musician and composer of traditional Persian music. Hafez, of Kurdish descent, spreads Rumi’s spiritual message of peace through music. He is the son of the also successful Kurdish Iranian musician, Shahram Nazeri.

Nazeri released Rumi Symphony Project: Untold, a chart-topping album featuring 42 Grammy Award-winning musicians. The result of over 5000 hours of recording studio work, Untold is an attempt to represent the splendor of all creation. Steeped in both the improvisatory tradition of his native Iran and Western classical music’s rich harmonic structures, Nazeri takes a boundary-crossing approach, balancing the two and forging a “new sonic universe” altogether.

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