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Connections Between Meditation & Art

Isabella Huffington

Arianna Huffington’s daughter, Isabella is an emerging artist with sold-out shows in LA and NYC. She’s dedicated to making her art more accessible and less restricted to the museum space. In this show, Isabella Huffington explores the comparisons between meditation and art and being able to appreciate the world around us. Isabella started meditating to help heal a decade long eating disorder caused by crippling anxiety. “Which goes back to art,” she explains. “We don’t pay enough attention to where we are. You can pass something 100 times before it catches your attention.” Art opens the window to a greater awareness and gives you a different perspective. Creating a life you want to live is part of a creative process too.

18:09 | 2014

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About Isabella Huffington

“While studying art history I became incredibly interested in the question of art and accessibility and how to bridge the divide between fine art and our daily lives. I’ve always been drawn to everyday materials and processes—sharpies, stamps, stencils, embossing, and collage—and inspired by everyday life. I like to use mediums we all explored as children which can serve as easy entry points to help us reconnect to art later in life. In a culture where speed is glorified, I use repetition and the exploration of one image or detail to create opportunities to pause and reflect. My art forces me to slow down and my hope is that it will help the viewer do the same. I want my work to evoke in others their own creativity, especially in a world where so many people are afraid to tap into their artistic side.”

Visit her website https://isabellahuffington.com/

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