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Video Gaming for Humanity


Deepak Chopra questions JeromeASF concerning the socio-cultural implications of video games and gaming. Regarding ADD and violent tendencies, Jerome shoots down claims of the negative impact of gaming. He states that gaming serves as an outlet and tool for these problems rather than a catalyst, and explains how he finds that educational gaming can help kids focus in the classroom. Jerome believes that action-packed adventures on the screen can offer a release that keeps kids away from enacting anything harmful in real life. When Deepak goes on to ask how video games effect gamers’ social literacy, Jerome shares how the online gaming communities he joined as a teenager taught him how to communicate more clearly and confidently in the real world. JeromeASF does not know exactly how video games are going to affect the evolution of mankind, but through his experience, shared both on YouTube, and in the game-worlds themselves, he believes that video gaming benefits people by teaching them how to interact with the world around them.

20:13 | 2014

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About JeromeASF

Jerome Robert Aceti, known as JeromeASF, is a pioneer in video game play web broadcasting and American YouTuber that primarily posts Minecraft let’s plays and minigames. JeromeASF got his start at around 14 when he first started recording and posting videos of him and his friends playing first-person shooter games like Halo and Call of Duty on Youtube Jerome is a member of Team Crafted along with SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox, and a few others. He is also well known for founding the Call of Duty channel “AwesomeSauceFilms ” (which is where the ASF in JeromeASF comes from) and then doing videos with friend, and fellow Youtuber BajanCanadian (Mitch), whom he collaborates with in many of his videos, and fellow Youtuber TheNoochM (Mat). He has two Minecraft accounts, Hacksource and ASFJerome. He often used Hacksource in older videos, but he currently uses ASFJerome in almost all his videos. Jerome’s gaming popularity has even led to an affiliation with Machinima, WarnerMedia’s multiplatform online entertainment network.

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