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Staying Grounded

Mike D

Mike D, founder of the Beastie Boys humbly speaks to his success with host, Deepak Chopra. With the fame of the music industry comes many challenges. The adrenaline and constant exchange of energy often led him feeling unprotected and vulnerable, but through yoga and mindful practices, Mike D never spiraled out of control. Mike D shares this critical skill of being able to enter the unknown and be comfortable with the risks involved.

28:26 | 2014

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About Mike D

Michael Louis Diamond, better known as Mike D, is an American rapper and founding member of the hip hop group the Beastie Boys. Diamond raps, sings, and plays drums. Today, Mike D continues his involvement in the music industry in different ways, working on projects with various groups and artists, songwriting and producing. Mike is also deeply involved in the arts; curating museum exhibits, producing, and working as an activist for many non-profit organizations.

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