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Katy Sherratt

Back On My Feet

Katy Sherratt leads Back on My Feet as Chief Executive Officer. An award-winning social innovation leader, Katy has taken Back on My Feet from early-stage startup to sustainable organization with the integration of new holistic success measures for the program.

Katy Sherratt recognizes that it is reasonable to ask, “running and homelessness...how does that work?” Back on My Feet is a program which inspires homeless individuals to get involved in a three-day-a-week running program instilling individuals with discipline and confidence, and challenging accomplishment of the program where members can be awarded with the internal and external, resources necessary to dash forward in their lives.

Katy has been recognized by The Economist’s Philanthrocapitalism program as a leader in social innovation and cutting-edge nonprofit management and named among Authority Magazine’s 2019 ‘Female Disruptors’ and Women’s Running Magazine’s ‘Top 20 Game-Changers.’ Most recently, she was named a winner at the Social Innovation Awards. Katy and her work have been featured across multiple media and news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, New York Times, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox News, Inc.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, Thrive Global, Popsugar, Runners World and numerous women’s health magazines.

18:10 | 2016

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