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Michael Schlein


Michael Schlein brings nearly 30 years of extensive international banking, management and public service experience to his role as President and CEO of Accion, a global non-profit that helps provide financial services for those living in poverty. He joined Accion's Board of Directors in 2007. He is responsible for creating and implementing Accion’s strategy, managing its global team, and building a high-performing organization. Michael builds partnerships with the public and private sector, encouraging more energy, investments, and action directed at creating a financially inclusive world.

Michael joined Accion in 2007 as a member of its Board of Directors and in 2009, became Accion’s President and CEO. Prior to his employment at Accion, Michael served as President of Citigroup’s International Franchise Management, where he managed the bank’s network of 100 Chief Country Officers. Before that, he ran communications, philanthropy, government relations, branding, and human resources for Citigroup.

22:43 | 2013

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