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Shaifali Puri

Scientists Without Borders

As the daughter of immigrants with a law degree from Stanford, Shaifali Puri was groomed for finding positions with high value and high expectations. She has taken that assumed pressure and focused it by working on a core mission of improving people's lives.

She was recruited by the New York Academy of Sciences and the United Nations Millennium Project to spearhead Scientists Without Borders, a non-profit dedicated to identifying and accelerating innovative approaches and solutions to tackle the world's most pressing development challenges. Shaifali raised millions of dollars to support open-source innovation in the sciences with partners such as Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Her work with the Nike Foundation focused on the Girl Effect movement, which recognized the mission of empowering adolescent girls and their untapped potential. She helped to generate partnerships with both public and private sector players to impact girls towards the eradication of global poverty.

24:12 | 2014

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