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Current Projects

Book of Knowledge

Traveling the world 30+ years, David Verdesi finds himself back in Rome, his family’s home base since the early 1400s. Book of Knowledge’s season 2, The Quest for Meaning, addresses questions around the intersection of spirituality, science and religious ritual, community, psychedelics, and anthropology. David continues to document a cross-cultural journey to the root of humanity, the foundation, and anthropological core of our existence, embracing its whole history and the transformative contributions of the peoples who have shaped the geography of what it means to be human.  

Research Area Religion & Science, Happiness & Life Satisfaction

Impact Cultural Conservation; Cultural Heritage

Geographic Focus Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel

Format Docu-Series

Length 3 episodes, 60 minutes each

Status: Research & Development Season 2


Antarctica, the Earth's southernmost continent and larger than the continental U.S., boasts the coldest temperatures to date and the most vicious storms. Throughout history, countless explorers have died attempting to cross its vast intimidating geography. No man has ever successfully traversed down Antarctica's East Coast through the Pole of Inaccessibility to the West Coast of Antarctica- until now. Sebastian Copeland, polar explorer, climate researcher, photographer and author, together with explorer Eric McNair-Landry document the harrowing historical journey in this feature documentary, Antarctica - The Legacy Crossing.

Research Area Environment and Climate

Impact Climate Conservation

Geographic Focus Antarctica

Format Feature Documentary

Length 90 minutes

Status: Post-Production

The Heart of the World

After several years of encountering dangerous terrains, sheer cliffs, and dense jungles, explorer and Tibetan scholar, Ian Baker reached the depths of the Tsangpo Gorge to uncover a mythical hidden sanctuary waterfall as told by the myth of the Shangri-la – a sanctuary thought to have been a fantastical myth for centuries. In this series, Baker documents his pilgrimage to find two new undiscovered lands of the mythical Shangri-la, an extraordinary journey to some of the wildest and most inaccessible places on earth and a pilgrimage to the heart of the Tibetan Buddhist faith.

Behind the Seen

Legendary English explorer, anthropologist and filmmaker, Dr. Lawrence Blair's life and work is dedicated to sharing the creatures and peoples of the Indonesian archipelago as they have never been seen before. In this documentary, Behind The Seen looks into the relationship between intelligence and nature as Blair closely investigates the ecosystems living in the islands of Indonesia. Discover an abundance of beauty within this environment's natural luminosities: synchronous gregarious fireflies, glowing vines in Borneo, incandescent mushrooms, and meet the brightest bioluminescent creature in nature.

Dying to Know

DMT is a psychedelic compound that has been found to occur naturally in thousands of plants, every mammal tested thus far, and also within humans. Much speculation regarding endogenous DMT has taken place over the past several decades due to the lack of scientific inquiry to garner definitive answers. This second special is the premier exploration of transition, known colloquially as death. John Chavez examination of death is a scientific one. DMT Quest: Dying to Know presents data from leading theorists who discuss the chemical fluctuations surrounding transition and the emerging electromagnetic (EM) field theory of consciousness. DMT Quest will provide viewers a pathway of understanding the key concepts of death beyond the confines of the physical.

Research Area Endogenous dimethyltryptamine (DMT), Neuroscience, Death

Impact Near Death Awareness, End-of-Life Awareness, Endogenous dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

Format Narrative; Special Series

Length 60 minutes

Status: Research & Development Special 2


Psychedelics: a class of drugs known to open the mind, bringing with it an enlightened state of awareness filled with otherworldly visions and hallucinations. Shamanistic, indigenous cultures and world religions have emphatically used hallucinogens since the beginning of time for a range of purposes. So, why are psychedelics considered taboo in modern-day society? David Verdesi, anthropologist and researcher shares his perceptions after years of encounters and research into the soul relieving, awakening powers of psychedelic sensory experiences. Psychedelia explores historical, scientific and anthropological context of psychedelics through time, from pre-religion societies to today’s modern culture, unraveling the controversies to build new perceptions.

Research Area Neuroscience

Impact Indigenous Tradition, Psychedelic Scientific Research, Experimental therapies

Format Docu-Series

Length 4 episodes / 40 minutes

Status: Research & Development

One Core Truth

Wai H. Tsang is trying to understand the nature of the human mind and functionality of the brain. One Core Truth follows Wai H. Tsang as he meets with innovative public leaders synthesizing topics of spirituality, politics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence (AI). His work illuminates insights for the future of our planet, while also provoking the modern re-articulation of ancient foundational world-views, deriving from the one core truth that lies behind the heart of all world religions and ancient and indigenous cultures.

Research Area Religion, Politics, and Science, Alternative Intelligence

Impact Human Enhancement, Alternative Intelligence

Format Narrative

Length 4 episodes, 45 minutes each

Status: Research & Development

Tribal Trust

Indigenous peoples and their anthropological contributions have built the foundation of our being. Tribal Trust captures Barbara Savage, author and indigenous peoples activist, on the ground with indigenous tribes in the bio-diverse regions of Namibia and Zimbabwe. During this time of both peril and promise for vulnerable indigenous communities, Savage aims to tell their stories and reinvigorate society with their knowledge and traditions. This real-life narrative connects the unfiltered dialogues and experiences of remote peoples to the rest of the world- before it’s too late.

Research Area Indigenous Tradition

Impact Cultural Heritage, Cultural Preservation

Format Docu-Series

Length 3 episodes, 60 minutes each

Status: Research & Development

True Luxury

In the wake of illness, war, and history of trauma and despair, how do we persevere, recreate and revive a happy human spirit? Anthropologist and researcher David Verdesi has dedicated his work to understanding the meaning of life on a micro-level and sharing his discoveries with the world. In his latest adventure, Life’s True Luxury, Verdesi travels throughout Europe, visiting spiritual guides, ministers of happiness, health coaches and holistic practitioners who are using new and old traditions to prioritize mental health and happiness for individuals and communities. His discoveries demonstrate real-life circumstances and practices that can positively impact energies, develop mindful awareness, and inspire the world to unlock pure happiness for the long-term. Life’s true luxury is not material — the power of finding and creating one’s happiness is the real luxury of life, and should be priority for the world.

Research Area Religion & Science

Impact Happiness & Life Satisfaction

Format Docu-Series


Status: Research & Development


Launched in 2011, Philanthrocapitalism is a series of conversations hosted by best-selling author, Business Editor to The Economist and Managing Director of The Rockefeller Foundation, Matthew Bishop. This series features the generation of leaders who reshape the way we think, live, work and give. A real dialogue can be transformational, it’s where possibilities are imagined, and understanding takes place. Philanthrocapitalism allows for unique deeper insights into some of the most important trends of our time.


Doctor of philosophy, Ken Kobayashi shares his knowledge of preventive medicine and holistic health to help you regulate imbalances, reaching harmony of the body, mind and spirit. The Kobayashi family of Japan have practiced the following techniques in their holistic healing center for over 350 years. The series dives into a regimen of 7 elements which manipulate the energy manifesting within body and nature to treat illness, improve wellbeing and reach a state of homeostasis.

Saving Serengeti

During 45+ expeditions in 150+ countries explorer Johan Ernst Nilson has seen animals disappear in front of his eyes. Extinction of species is one of our major problems here on Earth, and in this feature film, we follow Johan Ernst Nilson on his 7-day walk through the Serengeti to raise awareness and funds to stop the illegal poaching of African wildlife.