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Current Projects


Antarctica, the Earth's southernmost continent and larger than the continental U.S., boasts the coldest temperatures to date and the most vicious storms. Throughout history, countless explorers have died attempting to cross its vast intimidating geography. No man has ever successfully traversed down Antarctica's East Coast through the Pole of Inaccessibility to the West Coast of Antarctica- until now.

Sebastian Copeland, polar explorer, climate researcher, photographer and author, together with explorer Eric McNair-Landry document the harrowing historical journey in this feature documentary, Antarctica - The Legacy Crossing.

Book of Knowledge: The Mediterranean

The many adventures across the globe on a quest to define meaning, leads David Verdesi’s journey back to Rome. Urged to uncover the reason behind the instinctive human desire for spiritual yearning, Verdesi starts retracing the intersection of science and theology within the city his family has called home since the early 1400s.

This series re-discovers and preserves the knowledge of our human potential and nature’s wisdom, embracing the transformative contributions of the peoples who have shaped the geography of what it means to be human.

Peace Pact

CORE partners with The Mccollum Foundation for a global oneness campaign that connects CORE viewers and likeminded individuals to changemakers across the world. CORE's mission is to provide authentic, honest and conscious media that uplifts, encourages change and inspires education on essential topics - one of those essential topics being global peace. Through this campaign, we hope to use the CORE TV Network's media expertise and platform to eloquently captivate friends, colleagues and ambassadors of The Mccollum Foundation to build awareness for their individual peace, unity and philanthropic initiatives to inspire individuals to make an impact in their communities.

Evolution in Motion

Much speculation regarding endogenous DMT has taken place over the past several decades due to the lack of scientific inquiry to garner definitive answers.

The leap in size of the cortex 200,000 years ago, believed to have coincided with the development of language and culture, is still a mystery for modern evolutionary scientists. This special examines the evidence that DMT levels increased in the ancestral human brain as an adaptive response to geomagnetic changes leading us to the species we know as homo sapiens.

This special documents the latest scientific research supporting the advancement of knowledge on DMT.

The Heart of the World

Chasing Bliss: Sweetwater partners with Love The Sea to inspire action towards the conservation of our oceans through the recovery and mitigation of ocean plastic in Hawaii's waters and beyond. The organization works with partners to monitor and clean every oceanfront mile within the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. Help us support clean oceans by making a tax-deductible donation to the organization.

The Heart of the World

The myth of Shangri-la originates in Tibetan Buddhist beliefs in beyul, or hidden lands, sacred sanctuaries that reveal themselves to devout pilgrims and in times of crisis. Several failed and fatal attempts over the last 100+ years to find this waterfall left explorers to believe this mysterious sanctuary was nothing but a fantasy.

Ten expeditions of encountering dangerous terrains, sheer cliffs, impassable white water, and dense jungles, Ian Baker and his team reached the depths of the Tsangpo Gorge and made news worldwide by finding the 108-foot-high waterfall, the legendary grail of Western explorers and Tibetan seekers alike.

In this series Baker travels again to be the first to uncover two more hidden access points, as told by the Shangri-la ancient myths. Along his journey, he explores the semi-immortal powers of Burmese Alchemy, Greek Galenic Medicine dating back to the Roman Empire, the mysticism of earthly paradise, and the sacred, spiritual powers of the Mandala.

Saving Serengeti

Johan has been a global adventurer for 25+ years and travelled 170 countries. He is a Guinness world record holder, embarked on a journey from the North Pole to the South Pole, climbed the Seven Summits, flown a boat across Europe, cycled from Sweden to the Sahara Desert, and so much more.

During his 45+ expeditions he has seen animals disappear in front of his eyes. Extinction of species is one of our major problems here on Earth, and in this feature film, we follow Johan Ernst Nilson on his 7-day walk through the Serengeti to raise awareness and funds to stop the illegal poaching of African wildlife.

One Core Truth

Wai H. Tsang is trying to understand the nature of the human mind and functionality of the brain. One Core Truth follows Wai H. Tsang as he meets with innovative public leaders synthesizing topics of spirituality, politics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence (AI). His work illuminates insights for the future of our planet, while also provoking the modern re-articulation of ancient foundational world-views, deriving from the one core truth that lies behind the heart of all world religions and ancient and indigenous cultures.

Research Area Religion, Politics, and Science, Alternative Intelligence

Impact Human Enhancement, Alternative Intelligence

Format Narrative

Length 4 episodes, 45 minutes each

Status: Research & Development


Doctor of philosophy, Ken Kobayashi shares his knowledge of preventive medicine and holistic health to help you regulate imbalances, reaching harmony of the body, mind and spirit. The Kobayashi family of Japan have practiced the following techniques in their holistic healing center for over 350 years. The series dives into a regimen of 7 elements which manipulate the energy manifesting within body and nature to treat illness, improve wellbeing and reach a state of homeostasis.

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