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Astrologer, Irina Tolmacheva

Irina Tolmacheva has worked in the realm of astrology since 1993 where she studied at the Moscow Academy of Astrology and worked in astrological consulting for twenty years. She has facilitated the following most notable research proejcts, Features of aspects of Pluto in public policies, analysis of astrological characteristics of deputies of the State Duma of the IV convocation of the Russian Federatio (2006), Astrology in Yoga (2016), Cosmonautics Day on April 12, 1979 – date and fate (2017), Astrological prerequisites of vegetarianism (2018), Psychodiagnostics in the service of astrology: an example of using one projective technique (2022).

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Understanding Natal Charts
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Irina's Story

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Astrology came into my life when I was a teenager. One day Mom bought a book with a description of the Zodiac. I read this book to the holes. It was very interesting, and I wanted even more. I dreamed about astrology, and I didn't even think about how difficult it is to realize my dream. In the 90s, astrology came out of the shadows in Russia (it was previously banned), the first educational astrological centers began to appear in Moscow and St. Petersburg. But I lived in a small provincial town in the middle of nowhere. The Internet was not used then either. I was very surprised when a month after I dreamed, an astrology teacher appeared next to me, who was studying astrology in Moscow at the same time. It was a miracle! So a good astrological education appeared in my life, which in the future allowed me to make astrology an additional profession. But I studied astrology for a long time. I came to study at the Moscow Academy of Astrology in 2006. And I made sure that I know astrology well. So my experience in astrology has been more than twenty years. My clients are scattered all over the world. In addition to consultations, I do research projects. I report on the results of my research at astrological conferences. Now I combine astrology and psychology in consultations. I think astropsychology has a great future.

Visit her website http://starsdictate.tilda.ws/

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