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Celebrating Black Voices

Today we are rooted in our brand values and mission to honor Martin Luther King Jr.'s past civil rights commitments to equality and equal treatment of all humans. Today we also celebrate Black Voices who embody selflessness to the betterment of global communities, who put others' needs before their own and foster new ideas.

Our channel is grateful to have had the opportunity to interview and broadcast unique stories of identity, justice, and action from many of these prominent Black Leaders. From artists, scientists, celebrities and beyond, their common fight for service, equality and innovation set an example of strength, leaving lasting impacts on humanity.

Today's featured leaders:
MARIEME: Senegalese Musician & Artist
Stephon Alexander: Physics of Music & Sound
Noella Coursaris: Creating Opportunity & Resources in Congo
50 Cent: Charity Work with G-UNITY
DJ Spooky: The Anthology of Music
Sugar Ray Leonard: Life After Boxing
Rasselas Lakew: Director & Producer of The Athlete


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