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Dr Raphael Kellman

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One World Medicine

Dr Raphael Kellman

Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Raphael Kellman, known worldwide as the “Microbiome Doctor” and founder of the Kellman Center, has decades of experience in functional, holistic medicine. His approach is to find the root cause of the issue and create a treatment plan using the most advanced technology, natural compounds, herbs, supplements and nutrition. The microbiome are trillions of bacteria in our gut, outnumbering our human cells, 10 to 1. About 20 to 30% of chemicals circulating in our blood are the metabolic product of these bacteria, communicating with the human genome. These bacteria play a role in metabolism and gut function, a critical role in immune function, and a critical role in the function of the brain. Dr. Raphael Kellman explains how the microbiome is the master key to a healthy immune system, and Western medicine has overlooked its importance, until recently.

22:11 | 2015

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